WAR-S WALK ABOUT® Rubber Sole Technologies



WAR-S WALK ABOUT® Rubber Sole technologies and

the high-quality ingredients positions you to win everytime they are on duty.





WAR-S outsoles are tested according to the stringent

industrial quality tests that include resistant to fuel oil.






Feel safe whether you are at work or at leisure. WAR-S outsoles resist temperature

up to 300 degrees celcius, providing safety and durability

for a variety of working conditions.





Durability is enhanced further with excellent abrasion resistance of WAR-S.





WAR-S outsoles are engineered with excellent traction onto surfaces to provide the

maximum security while you are at the top of your performance.





With every pair of WAR-S outsoles thoughtfully formulated and freshly press molded

by our skillful technologists, every sole empowers you to perform and excel.


Reminder: due to variation in working conditions, users are advised to consult our representative and conduct trial assessment on the suitability of WAR-S outsoles on individual working condition before use.